Zimmerman Trial Gets Skype Bombed

CNN aired the prosecutor’s skype username and people started calling it during the testimony. Things really go to hell after about 2 minutes in.

I’m glad to see that hasn’t turned into a circus.


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  1. Kiwi Jono,

    This is a serious case to discrupt and doing so is irresponsible behaviour.

    Right, now thats out of the way, I literally laughed out loud at this one! Very funny.
    Totally avoidable too. Having skype names visible on TV! Not changing status to unavailable!

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  2. Mike K,

    First a knock-knock joke, now Skype-Skype pranks.

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  3. giamaica,

    and there’s also a setup for refusing calls if caller is not on contact list. geniuses!

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  4. S.Norman,

    Reminds me of the days watching my dad trying to figure out the VCR

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  5. Danno,

    How I wish they’d have somehow ended up on Chat Roulette…

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