This Government-Funded Pub Bathroom Prank Is Genuinely Terrifying

From Business Insider:

The U.K.’s Department of Public Transportation played a prank on unsuspecting pub-goers that is actually terrifying.

Those guys will certainly think twice before taking out their car keys after a few beers — although it might also prevent them from ever washing their hands after using the bathroom again.

Leo Burnett made the campaign, which encourages people to react on Twitter under #PubLooShocker, a hashtag that’s just screaming to get hijacked.

This is the year of the prankvertising.


  1. Not sure the folks who handle the liability insurance signed off on this one.

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  2. With a shock like that it’s a good thing they’re already in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

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    1. Agreed. The only bar with a bathroom that clean is a bar that hasn’t opened yet.

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      1. They might also be picking shards of mirror glass out of their eyes

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