1. The comment “Please don’t breed” literally made me LOL.

    These owners are some pretty unually cocooned people.

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  2. Okay, we all agree this restaurant probably sucks, and I’m grateful that I won’t have to look for a restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ any time in the foreseeable future. Can we have a discussion about the Yelp reviews, though? Giving a 1-star review based on Gordon Ramsay’s show or what the internet says is even worse than giving a 1-star review because the food and service were great, but the waiter was ugly.

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    1. My wife saw the show and told me about it.

      In one instance they had customers waiting for a pizza for two hours. It never arrived. It wasn’t even made. Finally, when the customers’ patience ran out, they headed for the door, only to have the owners call the cops because the customers were allegedly running out on their bill.

      Again, their food hadn’t even been made.

      They deserve Yelp ratings in the negative numbers and possibly an orbital strike.

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      1. We can agree on the orbital strike, and I don’t care about how they actually do on Yelp. The point is that you don’t review a place where you haven’t eaten. I’m pretty sure the people who have already been subjected to their particular brand of crazy — as well as their apparently lousy grub — can take care of it.

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  3. They are deeply, deeply crazy. That being said, there’s no way they can’t make money off this. Sure they’re terrible, but people will go out of morbid curiosity (Hey! Here’s a picture of me eating at that shitty place that went crazy on facebook.) After that subsides (2 weeks max), they’ll start seeing some regulars who felt like the couple was bullied and want to suport them as retribution against those jerks on the internet. The couple will claim financial victory, then after a year it’ll all level out again. Then another 6 months later the guy will burn the place down through insanity-related negligence.

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  4. yeah, if you’re on camera with the hell’s kitchen guy, and you look like the crazy one, it’s really time to reevaluate your life.

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  5. I used to work for a couple of assholes EXACTLY like this. Not in a restaurant, but go figure, it was a husband and wife, and her name was Amy too.

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  6. If you check out the Yelp reviews the owners are responding to each and every negative comment and leaving multiple bullying insults. They’re going as far as contacting Yelp and asking them to remove the negative comments, and also messaging the people who left bad comments.

    The bullying is really bothering me because the owners are taking it to a whole new level with harassment.

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  7. As Graham Chapman once said, and he speaks for all of us, “Lucky we didn’t say anything about the dirty knife.”

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  8. I watched the show and as nutso as this couple appears to be, I thought the part where Gordon interrupts their customers’ meals and explains that the raviolis are frozen was way over the line.

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    1. I’d think it was a food safety issue, done serve undercooked foods.

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      1. I didn’t think the issue was that the raviolis weren’t done. Just that they were oridinally frozen and not fresh as the owner had implied.

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  9. At least at Dick’s Last Resort they are obnoxious to you on purpose and it is part of the entertainment.

    Although my wife didn’t get it and almost punched the waitress out at their OBX, NC location.

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