1. Yes. Most of the jokes were great back in 2001/2002 when the concept of fake pages was sort of new. Now? Not so neat, most sites are so hackneyed with no effort done. Think Geek usually at least has a few humorous fake items for sale but beyond that….

  2. I almost fell for it… the first thing i read in the morning was a fb post from SEOmoz saying that they are working on a Google Reader alternative. I was ecstatic for a few seconds, only to look at my calendar and realize it’s April’s Fool 🙁

    Any luck finding a good alternative? All the ones i tried just dont do it for me.

    1. I’m waiting for TheOldReader to import my subscriptions. Still in denial and using Google Reader.

      I did shave down a lot of my rss feeds when I quit blogging which turns out to be a good thing. My daily list had become too bloated.

      1. Feedly, seriously. Change it to view as Full Articles and it’s basically the same as Reader. Feedly automatically pulls your feeds from Reader once you login using your Google account. TheOldReader had some serious issues that I couldn’t get past, but curious to see it once it comes out of beta.

      2. Thanks for the tip! I tested many platforms and found them all frustrating to use when compared to my simple and lovely reader interface, which I am still in denial about too.

        Looking at ‘the old reader’ now and it looks very promising! Oh my gee, this could be the one.

      3. @Terry

        Feedly was the best i tried but it still doesn’t do it for me!

        Is there a way to have the items always display as a list by default? I’ve had to change it every time I opened it.

      4. Well, under Preferences (click on your login name), you can change Default View to Full Articles. When you click on a folder, it still shows the Featured listings (gets the most likes, I believe). However, if you click through each actual blog or source, they should all be in list form.

  3. I was gonna go out for food, but then a free pizza got delivered to my apartment. Maybe it was an April fools joke, one of those new “pranks” the kids do these days

  4. Yes. Even more so because most of my friends still believe what they read online every other day of the year as well. Now I get to sift through their emails and tell them, “no, they’re not really bringing back Firefly. Calm down; it’s a joke.”

  5. yes and no, i hate being on guard and having to tell people that “its not an april fools joke i really am sick/whatever”.. but I like hearing all the funny things popular companies are doing (the Netflix stuff is hilarious – we got the “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” category).

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