JFK Bought 1200 Cuban Cigars Before Signing Trade Embargo

From Irish Central:

President John F Kennedy secured for himself 1,200 Cuban cigars just hours before enacting the Cuban trade embargo in 1962. Before signing the embargo, Kennedy requested his head of press, Pierre Salinger, to get him β€œ1,000 Petit Upmanns.”

The Daily Mail reports on the story, which Salinger commented on to Cigar Aficiando magazine in 1992. This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of JFK signing the Cuban trade embargo.

Salinger recalls Kennedy calling him into his office to see if he could provide ‘some help’ in securing ‘a lot of cigars’ by the following morning. In hindsight, it is evident that Kennedy wanted to stockpile the Cuban products before he legalized the ban of their trade.

β€œThe next morning, I walked into my White House office at about 8am, and the direct line from the President’s office was already ringing. He asked me to come in immediately,” said Salinger.