Yes, We Are Open

Blogging is a weird hobby. You post links that interest you, maybe make a comment or two about it and go about your way. Then one day you wake up and see that somebody has commented on one of your posts. The next day you have another person. The day after that a few more people and so on until you reach a point where you realize you have an actual audience. This can be very scary. Especially if you’re not used to writing to more than one person or to people you have friended on a social network. Every word you write, every link you put up, every typo is under scrutiny. If you’re lucky and can build your audience slowly, you learn to let the criticism roll off you. That’s something that must be unique to this hobby. Stamp collectors don’t get flamed when they buy a shitty stamp.

The flip side and the one I experienced so much more than the criticism is that you have a chance to meet so many wonderful people who would have been impossible to meet if not through this medium. And the chorus of your comments elevated this from a silly hobby to something that I couldn’t do on my own.

When I quit on Thursday, I thought I would be able to walk away without looking back. But two things happened that made me rethink things:

1. Your touching comments and emails that I started receiving right away. I really had no idea how many people were still visiting this site daily and enjoying it. I’ve read every comment that was left and responded to every email. They made a difference. (Hey Google, are you listening? We really fucking like Google Reader!)

2. I STILL HAVE SHIT TO SHARE! I realized this over the past few days when I was going through my RSS feeds and finding stuff I would have usually posted and had nobody to show except Mrs. C and Cynikitty. And both of them objected at being dragged to the computer every time I found a cat picture or a Christian acting snotty.

So, I am happy to announce that this blog is now reopened for all of your linkage pleasure. Feel free to place bets on how long it will be before I close up shop again.

Honestly though, I’m happy to be back.