Hospital Bill for $83,046 for 2 Doses of Anti-venom Drug

Healthcare in this country is a joke. She had insurance so she only has to pay about 25K of that bill. And who doesn’t have an extra 25 grand gathering dust in their wallet?

Marcie Edmonds was tearing open a box of air-conditioner filters in her garage last June when she felt a sharp sting in her abdomen.

The 52-year-old Ahwatukee Foothills woman had never felt a scorpion sting before that day. She had no intention of seeking medical help, but within an hour of the sting, Edmonds’ mild tingling sensation worsened with throat tightness, blurry vision, darting eyes and tense muscles. She could not walk and had trouble breathing.

With the help of a friend, she called Poison Control and was advised to go to the nearest hospital that had scorpion antivenom, Chandler Regional Medical Center. At the hospital, an emergency room doctor told her about the antivenom, called Anascorp, that could quickly relieve her symptoms. Edmonds said the physician never talked with her about the cost of the drug or treatment alternatives.

Her symptoms subsided after she received two doses of the drug Anascorp through an IV, and she was discharged from the hospital in about three hours.

Weeks later, she received a bill for $83,046 from Chandler Regional Medical Center. The hospital, owned by Dignity Health, charged her $39,652 per dose of Anascorp.

The Arizona Republic reported last year about the pricey markup Arizona hospitals were charging for the antivenom made in Mexico. Pharmacies in Mexico charge about $100 per dose.



  1. Meanwhile the “1%” bastards behind this are sitting on their yachts, bitching about Obamacare and possibly losing their Busch-era tax breaks.

  2. Waiting to see how much a tetanus shot and sutures from an ER visit this weekend are going to cost me even with insurance….

  3. I live in Mexico, and Every summer… a lot of people got sting with scorpions, or “alacranes” that how we call them….how much do we pay? nothing…you just go to the health center to get the shot that the goverment already has prepared for the season…

  4. In the past, here in Tucson, the vials were administered at several hospitals as “experimental”- it was known to have worked but hadn’t been approved yet. Little kids in particular have been saved from days of misery in the ICU by the scorpion treatment from Mexico- but I wonder what the cost was when it was still in the “experimental” stage? I know it wasn’t some over the top figure some admin pulled out of his ass.

  5. I keep hearing these terrible stories about Arizona. It sounds like both their health care system and their prison system are totally screwed.

    It’s like Arizona is the south-west version of Mississippi.

    Totally racist and backwards.

  6. I think I know why the bill was such an extraordinary amount. The conversation went something like this:

    DOCTOR: Okay, let’s tally up your bill. It comes to a total of… just a moment, please. Nurse, how much are the 2013 Corvettes right now?
    NURSE: $83,046 .
    DOCTOR: Yes, that will be $83,046. You can pay on the way out.

    1. LOL! Only problem is the moneys largely NOT going to the doctors pocket. Its largely going to the drug companies, distributors, insurance company (liability / risk cover) and hospital administration. No less ridiculous though!

      1. drug companies?… the producers of the drugs is a very well know and respected goverment lab in mexico, they make antidotes for scorpions and some kind of snakes

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