1. How is that supposed to help? I think he has “hail” confused with “flood.” Even so, doing the frog stroke won’t save his car. Even Aquaman couldn’t help doing that.

  2. He’s gonna be disappointed when he gets off the roof and discovers that instead of hundreds of little dents, there’s one big one from his fat ass.

  3. Valet, there is a man on my car!
    What is he doing there?
    The breast stroke apparently….

    I’m here all night folks! Tip your waitress!

  4. GRANIZO FUERTE MAR DEL PLATA – HOMBRE QUE NADA ARRIBA DE SU AUTO was a really intense drama and the plot was unpredictable but dragged on through several minutes, ultimately to great effect. The character of Hombre played by “a man” really sold the role to me. The other man, played by “another man” did his supporting role a bit less adequately, the man was driven by emotion to continue in dramatic and brilliant efforts and unaware that anyone was trying to help him save the car. The other man was not doing anything to make that scene work and it was distracting. Hombre heroically had to carry that scene by himself and it worked well enough.

    The hail effect was definitely realistic and the camera work effective at both closing in on the subject of the film and causing mystery by choosing to go out of focus at times. I would definitely give my recommendation to see this short but dramatic film at least once if you want to understand the futility of man against nature, and the tragedy of losing something special no matter how hard you try. I would recommend seeing it twice if you want to feel it again sometime.

    GRANIZO FUERTE has sequel written all over it, although I am cautious that they can produce another such powerful statement without selling out. It leaves you wanting more, to know what happened, and how it felt for the man, whether he was injured and whether it was all worth it, and I hope we may see the journey back from grief and loss, to try to live again with a dented car or perhaps a newer car that doesn’t have dents. Who knows what the future holds for the man and his car.

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