Woman Tries to Cook Waffles, Gets Shot by Oven

From NBC News:

An 18-year-old Florida woman was only slightly injured this week when she was shot by her friend’s oven, police said.Aalaya Walker was visiting a friend in St. Petersburg Monday when they decided they wanted some late-night waffles, The Tampa Bay Times reported. So Walker began preheating the oven — unaware that her friend, JJ Sandy, 25, was storing a magazine from his .45-caliber Glock 21 in the oven.The magazine exploded about 9 p.m. ET, spraying casing fragments at high speed and striking Walker. She managed to pick some of the fragments out of her leg and chest and then took a bus to the hospital, where she was treated and released.


  1. This, once again, illustrates why we need more guns, not less. If she had been armed herself, the oven would have thought twice about attacking her.

  2. Why does this keep happening.

    Seriously, I hear this exact story at least once or twice a year. I think Mythbusters even covered this one once.

    Of all the places to stash ammo, why the oven? Not the fridge, not the bread box, not the cookie jar, but the oven.

    And I’m not kidding, this exact scenario happens a lot.

    1. You’re dead right, why is this a thing?

      When I read the headline I knew that it was cause they were storing ammo in the oven.

      Is it to keep it dry? or prevent corrosion? or is it cause (wide generalisation ahead) this class of people eat so much take out and microwave food that the oven is so rarely used ?

    1. Yes, and this case confirms their results that the bullets wouldn’t hurt you, but that shell casing fragments could hurt if you were very close.

      1. I feel like ultimate conclusion should have been, “keeping ammunition in a box that is designed for (and the sole purpose of) is to get very very hot is a really bad idea.

        I don’t care if it’s not usually lethal, it’s still a really stupid thing to do.

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