• McGee

    This is clearly a case of Goofus and Gallant.

  • Dale

    Orange cat to the other cat:

    “Now, when I say the word ‘go’ we’re gonna go.”


    Other cat to the orange cat: “Well, you said ‘go.’

  • Bacopa

    I think the gray tabby was trying to tell the orange one “Hey, that’s a Muscovy duck. It will mess you up if you manage to catch it.”

    These are pretty tough ducks that are native to Mexico and the southern US. They do well in urban parks because they are quite good at terrifying children who try to get a closer look at their ducklings. They are also quite aggressive toward animals like herons and hawks that prey on baby ducks. I’ve seen two Muscovies attacking a heron.

  • Bacopa

    I might be wrong on the species here. Mucht just be a mallard/domestic hybrid, but it looks way to big for that. Muscovies have red scales around their eyes and red tumor like bumps at the bases of their bills. They look like satanic monster ducks. I don’t see any red here, but the vid quality is pretty poor.

    • Angry Sam

      Please continue to keep us updated on the duck situation.

      • Bacopa

        I will certainly keep you updated. Here is the Wikipedia article on the Muscovy duck:


        it seems the muscovies are now invasive in the UK. I tracked the video to a poster in the UK. maybe it was a Muscovy duck. They are demons in duck form.

  • incognito

    I like to think the gray cat is a undercover security agent employed by the local bird community.

  • yram

    as a bird lover I hate feral cats

    • Mike K

      Circle of life.