1. Wow, they can’t even plan the correct positioning of a bottle of water for a television speech, and we’re supposed to believe that they can run the country???

  2. I’ve read some people lamenting the fact that this is the only thing anyone remembers from rubio’s speech… But the 24-hour news cycle leaves us so inundated with party positions that it’s incredibly difficult for any political event to add anything original to the stew. (I think Obama managed it with the minimum wage comment, as that wasn’t prominently in the discussion before, and also with the “deserves a vote” moment, because that was particularly stirring rhetoric.) Rubio just spelled out the same platforms we’re all familiar with, thus the most memorable thing in his speech was honestly the awkward water grab. It was the most original thing that happened, and anything noteworthy he may have said has already been noted about 1,000 times. This drink of water is truly the only thing you need to take away from his response.

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