1. VHS scanlines, clip art, cheesy acting, making fun of the elderly and crystal clear audio all point to a fun bit of comedy in the style made popular by the likes of Tim and Eric and Million Dollar Extreme.

  2. I had thought it could be ‘real’ (as in a genuine Xtian pastor’s bellyflopping attempt at self-deprecating humour). But… couldn’t track down any sign of the pastor anywhere else, or any reference to him predating the video – and the church that is being cited everywhere closed down over a decade ago.

    Oddly though I didn’t find any citations for the clip as being from a comedy show, either, and I haven’t seen anyone identifying the pastor as a known comedian. I’m guessing it’s been done by a pro comedy group but with someone’s parents or something in the leading roles…

    Bloody funny either way. Just please don’t let it be viral advertising, cos that would be so disappointing I might just cry. Or at least shake my head in world-weary despair. Again.

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