I’m forecasted to get 2 to 3 feet of snow. It just started to snow an hour or so ago but the heavy stuff is still a few hours away. Any other Cynics in the middle of this?

Update:Was without power for the last 24 hours which meant I was also without heat, hot water, etc. Did have electric lanterns at least so we didn’t spend it in the dark. Not sure how much snow we officially got because I’ve been out of contact with the weather stations but it has to at least be 18 inches to 2 feet.


  1. Part of me says, “Lucky bastard.” I love blizzards. But I feel bad for the animals stuck in the elements (not to mention the pets that scumbags leave outside in the winter), and the people that actually have to get to work in these conditions.

    The last blizzard I experienced was in 2010….not much since then. Although western PA has been more snowy than the last few years this winter.

  2. I lived in Boston from age 6 to age 8, and remember some awesome (to a kid) snowstorms. Right now I’m in Southern California where people are complaining about the cold–high 50s in the day, low 40s at night with a little rain. And no, I’m not lucky. I chose to live here.

  3. I live in the north shore of Mass. I have at least 2 feet outside my window. On the plus side the though, the heavy winds have blown off virtually all the snow off my roof so I don’t have to scrape it. I’m guessing it’ll take maybe a couple of hours of so with the snowblower to clear it out. Thank god for snowblowers! If I didn’t have one it would take at least double that to dig out with just a shovel.

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