Workers Paint Handicapped Sign Under Parked Car Then Has it Towed


On Sunday, Tel Aviv resident Hila Ben-Baruch parked her car in a legal spot outside her residence on Yehuda Halevi street. When she returned later, she was astounded to discover that her car had been towed and that the spot had been painted to designate it for handicapped parking.

Ben-Baruch was shocked and refused to go quietly into the night.

“I called my friend who had been with me in the car to make sure that I had not gone crazy or become senile,” Ben-Baruch wrote on her Facebook page.

Ben-Baruch then called the Tel Aviv municipality. A dispatcher at the municipality’s call center treated her disrespectfully and accused her of lying.

Ben-Baruch was told she would have to pay 350 shekels (around 95 dollars) in towing costs and that she would also be fined an even higher amount for parking in a handicapped space.

Ben-Baruch’s Facebook post about the incident went viral. Refusing to give up, Ben-Baruch went to an office building overlooking the parking spot and obtained security camera footage.

In the footage, a pair of Tel Aviv municipal workers are seen painting the spot with Ben-Baruch’s car still there. Shortly thereafter, a tow truck comes to take Ben-Baruch’s car away.


  1. When they do this to you in Tel Aviv, I believe that’s the definition of “Chutzpah”. In Chicago I once saw a crew install parking meters on the street below my studio window where there had been none before. An hour later, all the cars that had been there before the meters were installed had tickets on them. Here it’s called “Business as usual”. I sure wish I’d had video of the whole thing to give to the folks with the $50.00 tickets. It’s great that this this woman followed through, though–my hat’s off to her!

  2. I once saw a Candid Camera episode where they did this, except they just hung a “No Parking” sign on the wall next to the car. The difference, of course, was that they all had a good laugh about it in the end.

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