• Dale

    That dog probably has 35,000 lbs. of mail buried in the back yard.

  • KingTaco

    I wonder if “the dog ate my bill” would be a viable excuse.

  • Barbwire

    I am a dogsitter, and one of my babies is a golden retriever. I can just see him doing this, and I promise you, he would be sure to give the letter to his mommy or daddy.

    • dfsf

      [ed. and this kind of comment is douchey. Deleted.]

  • d

    My dog is like “fuck this, I’m not delivering any mail until we have a serious talk about treat upgrades and a retirement plan.”

  • DJ

    Little known fact; about 2/3 of all mailmen have dog treats in their pockets, even though they could be written up for it.