Woman Accidentally Shoots Fiance at Florida Gun Range

From ClickOrlando.com:

Authorities in Manatee County say no charges will be filed against a woman who accidentally shot her fiancé in the leg at a gun range.

The couple was with a large group shooting at Manatee Gun and Archery Club in Myakka City on Saturday afternoon.

The sheriff’s office report said a casing flew from the woman’s gun and landed inside her blouse, causing her to flinch. She bent over to get the casing out of her blouse when the gun accidentally fired.

The bullet hit the man in his right thigh, passing through his leg.

  • Dale

    In much the same way I could add nothing to better Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night,’ I can add nothing to this story to make it funnier.

  • Lurker111

    Yes. You couldn’t make this up. A hot, ejected shell down the cleavage. The woman and the boyfriend will have this story dogging their heels for the rest of the time any of their friends are around to remember it.

  • Justin

    Wait, so they’re shooting at manatees?

    • Jennifer

      no, no just Man-a-knees! (I couldn’t resist…just laugh and move on)

  • Curious

    Natural selection almost worked.

  • gorckat

    Proper attire at the range was covered in the pistol class I took in June.

    The ladies in class were told straight up that if you wear a blouse, you will burn your boobs.

  • Mike K

    It was her fiance? Somewhere there’s a shotgun wedding joke here.

  • Sam T`

    Just like a Benny Hill sketch. My wife asks, are we sure it was an accident?

  • Mike

    First Rule for Safe Shooting, “Never have Your Finger On Trigger” Unless Pointed In A Safe Direction & Sighted On TARGET.