Man Who Purchased Assault Rifles for Fear of Weapons Ban Aims Them at Daughter Over Disappointing Grades

From Gawker:

Kirill Bartashevitch, 52, of St. Paul was arrested and charged with two counts of felony terroristic threats for allegedly threatening his daughter and wife with an assault rifle.

Police say Bartashevitch recently purchased the weapons because he was concerned that President Obama was planning to ban them.

The incident report states that on Sunday January 13th, Bartashevitch and his daughter got into an argument after the 15-year-old received two B’s instead of two A’s. The victim told a social worker that she swore at Bartashevitch and told him she “hated” him, causing him to snap.

Bartashevitch subsequently pointed one of his newly purchased rifles at his daughter, prompting his wife to stand in the line of fire. He pushed her down and then pointed the rifle at her as well.


  1. Usually I tend to think we put people in jail for disproportionately long periods of time in the US, but five years seems light for pointing a gun at a child. I’ve always heard people say you never point a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them, it’s kind of a bummer they can’t find some way to charge him with attempted manslaughter or something.

  2. Why bother developing your own character as worthy of respect when you can just point a gun at somebody and demand they respect you?

    1. This.

      (Indeed, it’s one of the main arguments that occasionally makes me waver in my anti-gun convictions. i could do with a handicap.)

  3. What is this whole “terroristic threats” thing. Didn’t this just used to be assault?

    Whatever the charges, I think this dude needs to spend some time behind bars.

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