1. Not sure how I feel about this. One hand, I appreciate them feeding the homeless. On the other hand, I don’t know why it had to be in the form of a prank. But on the other hand, no harm came from it.

    And now I have three hands.

  2. Very cool. I don’t know why they thought it was so funny, but it was on their dime, so they have the right to laugh all they want. From the heading I was afraid it was going to be something mean. Glad it wasn’t.

  3. I don’t understand. I get that they’re doing something nice for the two homeless people they’ve fed, but I don’t get why it’s funny and I’m leaning towards it being kind of offensive but that probably has to do solely with the framing of the act (calling it a prank, laughing at the situation of the homeless getting a meal).

    But hey, I’m not looking for a reason to get all indignant over what was basically just a random act of kindness, or a random act of pizza as I believe it’s known on Reddit.

  4. Oh wait, this takes place in Columbus. Not to say these guys couldn’t possibly be legitimately in need of assistance but the amount of assistance available to people in need of a home or a meal over there is nothing to sneeze at. The exception being addicts, if they aren’t ready to give up using it can be really hard for them to get the help they need. I used to work at the free store and it seemed like every other month some new and admirable project was being launched to help people in various kinds of distress. I got to help prepare a couple of houses to be used as shelters for LGBT teens who’d been kicked out of their homes, it was kind of a kick in the teeth to find out that kind of thing still happens let alone quite so frequently.

  5. I guess this method is way better than just walking up and giving them a pizza themselves and not filming it. They’re so magnanimous that the only reward they need is attention from the internet.

  6. The whole thing is that people were filming “feeding the homeless” videos of people doing horrible things to them and this is just a video making fun of those videos

  7. This is parodying the tone of all prank videos, but it’s not an actual prank. It’s people doing nice things and then the guys still act like they totally “got” those homeless people.

  8. It was quite funny that an anonymous, unverifiable phone call totally convinced the restauranteurs that a couple of beggars were actually undercover police on stakeout. It says something about their sense of romanticism – I sincerely hope none of the Cynics would be suckered like this.

    Not saying such romanticism is a bad thing, necessarily; and acting out of a desire to help others is a good thing (I guess, and with qualifiers and provisos of course). But the likelihood of such a call being a prank that will end up on youtube (or possibly a bit of guerilla marketing or something) is far, far greater than it being genuine.

    Oh, and I wonder if they’d ever have been willing to knowingly send out a couple of free pizzas to a couple of bums…?

  9. “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist.” Hélder Câmara (and like a good cynic I rarely quote a priest.)

    Oh, and what James ^ said.

  10. They are not laughing at the homeless but from the joy that comes from giving an anonymous gift and actually getting to see it unfold…If you had ever done this, you would recognize this for what it is….

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