Teenager Accidentally Kills Brother While Playing With Mother’s Gun

From Think Progress:

A 14-year-old in Henry County, Georgia unintentionally shot and killed his 15-year-old brother early Saturday morning while playing with his mother’s gun, according to police. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that charges may be brought against the teenager and his mother, who have not yet been named. Though the mother left the handgun unloaded, the brothers were apparently still able to use it:

The brothers, along with a friend who was spending the night, had gotten the mother’s handgun, “which at the time had been unloaded,” [Police Sargent] Smith said.
“During the course of the evening and early morning hours, one of the boys had evidently loaded the weapon, Smith said. “The 14-year-old at some point pointed the weapon at his brother and pulled the trigger, which resulted in the 15-year-old being struck in the chest area.”


  1. It’s amazing how ignorant people are about gun safety. My mother bought a handgun a few years ago. When she brought it out to show it to me she was holding it sideways (just carrying it) and the barrel was pointed right at me. I jumped up and moved, telling her you should never let a gun point at anyone. Her response: “my finger wasn’t even on the trigger.” Afterward I noticed that it had been loaded the whole time.

    This is why, if not gun control, we need people control.

  2. And this kid’s death will be written off as an “accident” with nobody going to jail, nobody being named as an accessory in the murder, etc. If we don’t put more accountability into the equation, we’re really not taking gun safety seriously.

    1. I’m inclined to agree with you, but it’s really sad to think that the possibility of losing one’s child wouldn’t be incentive enough to make sure one’s family understands the seriousness of the weapon and keep it locked up as tight as possible.

      1. Because those things always happen to other people. Because my kid would never disobey me by waiting until I’m gone at work, opening the safe/getting the 45 from the bedside drawer and showing off our firearms to impress his little friends.

        Taking the kid to the range and teaching them gun safety is fine, but it does NOT eliminate the desire to show off a gun to friends who haven’t been to the range. Kids are sneaky like that.

        Makes me wonder how many almost-got-killed stories we don’t hear about.

  3. Argh. I’m not sure this is the whole story. If you consciously load a weapon and then point it and shoot it, how is this an accident?

    In any case, it’s absolutely necessary that the shooter be put into some kind of court-ordered therapy.


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