Naked-Image Scanners to Be Removed From U.S. Airports

From Bloomberg:

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will remove airport body scanners that privacy advocates likened to strip searches after OSI Systems Inc. (OSIS) couldn’t write software to make passenger images less revealing.

TSA will end a $5 million contract with OSI’s Rapiscan unit for the software after Administrator John Pistole concluded the company couldn’t meet a congressional deadline to produce generic passenger images, agency officials said in interviews.

The agency removed 76 of the machines from busier U.S. airports last year. It will now get rid of the remaining 174 Rapiscan machines, with the company absorbing the cost, said Karen Shelton Waters, the agency’s assistant administrator for acquisitions. The TSA will use 60 machines manufactured by L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. (LLL), the agency’s other supplier of body scanners, and will move some scanners to busier airports to reduce waiting times.

  • Mike K

    You’d think that at the prospect of losing a contract they’d rewrite the software to blur the person’s face.

    • corkscrew

      It’ll take them some time. We’ll probably see them back when they get it hammered out.

  • Angry Sam

    It’s so reassuring to know that the government has other sources to buy props for our security theater.

  • turnwrench

    Maybe they shouldn’t have named them Rapeyscan?

    • ange

      i was wondering if anyone else saw that besides me.