• Erich Schrempp

    He has a point–next thing you know those nerds will be using computers to order pizza! Where does it end?

  • bob handy

    This guy is bat shit crazy.

  • smittypap

    People who take this ass-hat seriously are the most dangerous group.

  • Leon Trollsky

    As a typical example of timeshifting, the Firesign Theater knew everything about Alex Jones in 1975.

  • Mike K

    Next time this asshole is on the operating table, I hope the surgeon has heard his show, and tells him just as the knockout gas is kicking in. I’m not saying that all surgeons are nerds, but they have to be smart, something this douche seems to have a problem with.

  • Everybody stop using your brains right now!
    Follow Alex’s example.

  • Bacopa


    Pretty awesome movie, except for the possible rape by deception thing. I tell myself she kinda suspected or surely must have known. That makes it consensual.

    BBC journalist Jon Ronson and Alex Jones once infiltrated the Bohemian Grove gathering together several years ago . You can read about in Ronson’s Them! Adventures with Extemists. Let me just say that Ronson and Jones had very differing accounts of of what went on there.

    • damnedyankee

      Thanks for that! Just added that book to my hold list at the library.

  • McGee

    Nerds are pretty dangerous. At least, the super-smart computer nerds. Look at how much damage a Lisbeth Salander can do.

  • Angry Sam

    Why are they always so curious about things? Why do they feel the need to understand so much stuff? And what’s with all those fancy words? WE NEED ANSWERS.