• Kiwi Jono

    I watched it and nearly died several times.

    I’m not afraid of hights but I am afraid of falling.

  • Kiwi Jono

    Before anyone says it – I’m not afraid of heights either.

    (I with I could edit my poor spelling!)

  • TDavis

    They showed about 30 seconds of this on the ABC News Sunday night and I couldn’t watch it all. No way am I watching the whole video! I’m reminded of the old saying that it isn’t the fall that you need to worry about, it’s the sudden stop.

  • KingTaco

    Wow, that’s just a whole microcosm of stupid right there.

  • James

    Thanks, my socks and palms are all sweaty now.

  • From the people who brought you Russian roulette!

  • Erich Schrempp

    Crane owners need to post signs saying, “Random areas of this equipment are strategically slathered in bacon grease…You still want to show off?”