• James

    OMG, Jesse and Omar are the best! So street, so sensitive.

  • Lucas

    i get why some people can’t get into the wire. but those probably watch how i met your mother.

  • Mike K

    Wow, Chris, you look a lot like Peter Griffin in that clip.

    Seriously, though, you were right about The Wire. I guess I’ll have to check out Breaking Bad, too.

  • McGee

    I’m one of those people who never shuts up about “The Wire.”

  • DJ

    I tried to watch The Wire, but the first episode was really boring, so I stopped.

    • McGee

      It must be awfully nice to go through life uncomplicated with, you know, THOUGHTS and stuff.

    • Sue Dunham

      I admit it’s a slow start; it does get stronger. But that opening scene is one of the best zingers in all of television. Give it a watch; you got to, it’s America, man. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAVAi2fl-BY

  • Nick E. P.

    I saw this episode and laughed at this skit, thinking, “I’m that guy who tells everyone to watch the Wire and Breaking Bad.” No regrets!!