• Marlea

    If it’s an outside one, depending on temperature and wind speed it can be a matter of minutes. Inside a tad bit more lenient but not by much 🙂

  • Greg

    Depends on the movie they end up getting. If they get anything Tyler Perry, Michael Bay or TV series DVD, I go back in time and give them 30 seconds and then I get mad for the time I didn’t know I was wasting from second 31 to the time I got to the dispensary. Then, I yell at them for being both tasteless and deceptive.

  • I once was unknowingly that guy. No one was at the machine so my girlfriend and I were just browsing through slowly, talking. When we finally chose, we turned and saw a lady standing there glaring. I said, “oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were behind us.” We got no response just a glare and then she stepped up to the machine.
    So if you are behind someone, let it be known. Fake a phone call, or ask them if they have heard of any good movies out.

  • MacCrocodile

    I want to start a service where I stand at the Red Box, take your money, make your selection, hand you your movie, and you leave, no questions asked. It’ll be great.

  • Leon Trollsky

    What is Red Box?

    • rayceeya

      I’m with Leon here.

      If redbox had this working ten years ago they might have had a chance. In a broadband/Netflix world, video stores are dying left and right and a video store in a kiosk doesn’t make much sense.

      • Kelly Jeanne

        I’m with you guys… I don’t get how these things are still around… at all..

  • Furnace

    I’d like to see something like Red Box on a larger scale so multiple people can browse the available movies. It could be a big store where all the movies are lined up on shelves, separated by genre. They could even rent out video games. I’m surprised someone hasn’t created a chain like this on a nationwide level. It could be huge!

    • Mike K

      Sounded good on paper.

    • Dale

      I think your idea could be a blockbuster in the movie rental industry.

  • Mike K

    Depends on whether they’re on a cell phone, reading off the descriptions of each movie to someone back at home.

  • ange

    20 seconds, after that i start feeling my veins harden up and my fists forming.