• Curious

    Meh. I have to deal with this:

    Note the free ice cream (and it’s really good).

  • Kiwi Jono


    Its bad enough for me that a Turkish Kebab restaurant opened up over the road from our office. At least I can pretent that is healthy-ish.

    Oh well this time of year all bets are off with healthy eating in my book.

  • ZZ

    Well thats no Burgervill burger!


    • ZZ

      How on gods good green earth did I spell Burgerville wrong!?!?!??

  • Furnace
  • Danno

    Cue Samuel L. Jackson… “Now THAT is a Tasty Burger”

  • Leon Trollsky

    They call hot dogs ‘shafts?’ That’s a new one on me. Harvard Square.