1. It’s always easy to pick something apart once you know it’s not real, but a couple of things seemed odd here: The guy’s spoken reaction seemed like a phony line reading (“Oh, uh, shit!”) , and the convenient pointing-the-camera-at-the-ground between the shot of the bird and the closer view of the baby are suspect. Still, a good looking job all around, though I would have chosen Dave Edmunds’ “You’ll Never Get Me Up in One of Those” for the music.

  2. I’m sure it’s fake because it would have been on some news outlet by now. Looked real to me, but I’m not familiar enough with raptors to recognize errors (and don’t care enough to study Youtube videos of them), but going by what Eric pointed out, I’m pretty confident it’s a hoax. Snopes doesn’t have it yet, or we could all put this to rest.

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