1. Funny how the “gun totin’ Right” is always complaining the Obama is going to take away their guns, when (to the best of my knowledge) he’s never said a thing about limiting gun ownership. Even after the Sandy Hook incident he only said we “will take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this.” How will the Right make this one his fault with out shooting themselves in the foot?

    On an unrelated note, that European newscaster with the accent is hot!

  2. Had an hour wait for a prescription so I did some shopping to pass the time. Store was pretty quiet- except in the back. Men, ten deep, at the gun counter. I walked away wondering what in the hell those customers are thinking.

    1. “That negro is going to take our guns, then our jerbs!” is most likely what is being swirled in those heads, I wouldn’t call it thinking though.

  3. Also fun to note, gun companies like Smith & Wesson see sharp decline in stock value after these massacres because investors think mean ol’ Obama is going to close the companies. After sales go up, though, market values climb considerably.

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