You Know How Some People Say Racism is Dead



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  1. Curious,

    Nope, never will be. I go all over the world for work and everywhere I go, somebody is racist against somebody else. Seems universal. It would be nice if it goes away altogether someday but I doubt it will. People seem to have some sort of basic need to place the blame for their own faults onto some other person (or group).

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  2. Mike K,

    These are Twitter feeds, which means that they were all exposed by people that are (were) friends or fans of the people that sent them. Nice bit of poetic justice.

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  3. MadRat,

    Yes, racism still exists. Did you hear that Tim Scott has “become the first African American U.S. senator from the South since Blanche Bruce of Mississippi in 1881” and the only African/American senator? No? ABC and CBS didn’t mention it, NBC gave it a whopping 24 seconds of news coverage. So much for the news being inclusive.

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