Asshole of the Day

The American Family Associaton blames the shooting on secular public schools.

Mike Huckabee agrees:

Former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee attributed today’s deadly massacre in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut to the lack of God and religion in public schools.

Addressing the tragedy on Fox News, Huckabee dismissed calls for stricter gun control and claimed that future violence can be prevented by solving matters of “the heart” and turning to God:

  • No words.
    Not even worthy of Worf shaking his head.

  • Angry Sam


  • dj-scratch-and-sniff

    If this was a message, why doesn’t god focus his anger on specifically secular institutions, this just makes him seem like a dick.

  • FlamingAtheist

    So we took ‘god’ out of schools and this happened. Guess your god is not all powerful. “But man has free will”. Then your god is still impotent.

  • Mike K

    So God’s using children’s lives as bargaining chips to get back into school? If what this guy said is true then the only people killed would have been adults that support those decisions, not children that have no say in the matter.

  • McGee

    I’m gonna bite my figurative tongue on this one, or I’d type something really nasty that could get me into trouble.

  • mrclam

    I wonder what the gents make of these massacres?

    April 2, 2012. A former student, 43-year-old One L. Goh killed 7 people at Oikos University, a Korean Christian college in Oakland, CA. The shooting was the sixth-deadliest school massacre in the US and the deadliest attack on a school since the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.

    March 12, 2005. A Living Church of God meeting was gunned down by 44-year-old church member Terry Michael Ratzmann at a Sheraton hotel in Brookfield, WI. Ratzmann was thought to have had religious motivations, and killed himself after executing the pastor, the pastor’s 16-year-old son, and 7 others. Four were wounded.

    September 15, 1999. Larry Gene Ashbrook opened fire on a Christian rock concert and teen prayer rally at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX. He killed 7 people and wounded 7 others, almost all teenagers. Ashbrook committed suicide.

    (info from thinkprogress)

    • Mike K

      God’s will… somehow it was all for the better good. At least that’s what they always say any other time.

  • Curious

    God is just a sore loser. I pray to my bottle of ketchup each morning for protection and, so far, it has worked well for me.

  • hbbengal

    I am more of a “mustard” guy…. but I must say, it has worked equally well for me.

    Happy Condiments!