1. Holy shit, WTF is right. After seeing this I checked the news for details. It’s always tragic, but what terrible time of year for this.

  2. Seems like it’s a family extermination situation, with massive casualties beyond that.

    Two other relatives are dead, so is the teacher & mother of the shooter, along with most of her class.

    The shooter’s brother was found lurking in the woods.

    I’d be surprised by this, but I’m just not anymore. I’m sickened and angry over it, but certainly not surprised.

  3. I hope Obama has the guts to follow up on his statement. It’s time for sane Americans to take our country back (heard that phrase before?) from the NRA and its constituent gun nuts.

    1. Once again, all you have to do is mention talking about gun control and people object. Three thumbs down? Anyone want to at least explain why we can’t even talk about gun control?

    2. As a Canadian, I will never understand Americans’ obsession with the right to own all manner of efficient killing machines (auto/semi-auto, sniper rifles, silenced handguns, anything you don’t need for hunting animals).

      1. I’m not even anti gun. Prohibition never works. Hell, I’ve been smoking pot for years. I just think there has to be a call to reason. I won’t claim to have an answer, because I don’t. But we can’t even have a discussion about it, and I don’t mean here, I mean in the political realm. I grew up with guns, learned gun safety at a very young age, and am quite adept at using firearms, but I have no desire to own them. I used to think I would inherit my dad’s guns when he dies, but I don’t want them now. I don’t shoot for sport or hunt, and they won’t make me safer. I’ve come a long way from my right wing upbringing. And I’m tired of hearing the more guns make us safer canard. Even when my shooting skills were at their best, there is no way I should have been shooting into a crowd. Even the best trained professionals miss. Do would you want to be responsible for shooting a bystander?

  4. I’d like to say the news media gets an “F” for their coverage. They got so much information incorrect that it’s an enormous blow to their credibility and journalistic standards.

    Everything from the mother being a teacher to the brother being arrested after being caught in the woods outside the school was wrong.

      1. That one’s at least somewhat forgivable, because the shooter had Ryan Lanza’s ID on him, and the source was likely going with that. But still….

        Journalism is dead.

  5. Guns are “regulated” now and they are still more available than they should be. Who knows what the solution may be. If they never made another gun, they would still be a gun problem for the next 100s of years. If people dont have guns they’ll use knives, if they don’t have knives they’ll use forks and so on. Everyone wants to go after the NRA immediately but the truth is, only one person was behind that gun. There is no answer or reason for what happened. We can never imagine what he was thinking…and we probably wouldn’t want to. I hope that while America is mourning this tragedy, it gives people a chance to take a good hard look at ourselves .
    People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead.
    James A. Baldwin

  6. I know people kill, not guns… I heard a great quote yesterday, “I wish mental health care was as easy to get as, say, a gun.”

    1. Can you imagine the uproar if gun ownership required passing a psychiatric test to prove one was mentally healthy and not a potential danger to self or others?

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