• MacCrocodile

    Finally some entertainment! The wi-fi down here is terrible, not that you ever update!

  • LL

    Did you trim out the Onion logo?

  • McGee

    You know this is something the inner-city gang-bangers are gonna get, along with their hand gun floral arrangements.

  • BC

    This looks like one of the spoof commercials that the TV show “Six Feet Under” used to do. Examples:

    • Hugh

      Thank You, loved that show

      My favorite intro

  • Mike K

    No coincidence that the song on the display was “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” I’m surprised there wasn’t any Grateful Dead or Sepultura (or any other Death Metal). I bet Gene Simmons is pissed that he didn’t think of that for the KISS coffin – he could have doubled the price of it, and likely charged royalties if any KISS songs were played.

  • yram

    I know what I am getting my better half for xmas!!!! bwaaahaaaa

  • danno

    Dying to hear what this sounds like.

  • DJRJ00

    But what if something glitches and I’m stuck with an endless loop of “Friday” in the afterlife?!

    • Mike K

      Then atheist or not, there really is a hell.