1. If that’s not art, I don’t know what is. There will be a rush to buy this guy’s paintings before they are snatched up and deemed priceless by MoMa, the Met, etc.

  2. Well a lot of the great artists were supposedly somewhat (if not completely) crazy, so maybe it will work for this Korean (and yes it is definitely Korean subtitles so I presume he is Korean).

    Sure made me LOL though!

  3. He says you’re supposed to scream like your arms are being ripped out. Let’s rip his arms out to see if that’s how he screams. Bet it isn’t.

  4. BTW, it is the video, not the screaming or the painting, that is the artwork (the video is Seoul-based artist Kim Beom’s work, but the ‘artist’ in the video is played by an actor).

    Miss Cellania posted about it too, but linking to the Walker Art Center blog (screening the full half-hour (!) documentary), which notes that the video is ‘Characteristic of the Seoul-based artist Kim Beom’s humor.’

    I know we have this working assumption that East Asians are all (a) Japanese, and (b) weird. But it only takes 10 seconds to do a quick-and-dirty factcheck via google before posting a prejudice-driven comment.

    PS Incredulous may have booboo’d by assuming that weird=japanese, but the Bob Ross comparison is apposite since Beom specifically namechecks Ross as a source of – um – inspiration.

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