1. At once, I’m angered, and wish to blame religion for this tragedy. But the step-dad is a terrible man, and would have inflicted harm and pain on this boy — and possibly killed him — for another reason another day, if he hadn’t been killed for not reading the bible.

    So then I’m just angry at the step dad for being a terrible human being.

    Then I return to being angry at religion for not making a greater effort — in all of the make-believe miracles and their obvious and often stupid rules — to protect and respect children.

    Religion gave teeth to this terrible wolf to prey on the innocence of this boy.

    So sad.

    1. Any one who tells me this man is not quoting “Spare the rod…” to himself in order to justify his actions is a liar. Religion is so often the great enabler of evil.

      1. “Enabler” is the word, DR. One can debate whether religion causes mental illness or if mental illness causes religion, but the results are the same. Sad story.

  2. What “Mother” would stand by and watch ANYONE beat on her child? I think she is just as guilty as he is. That Little Angel never had a chance. Sad to say this is on the news just about everyday. Something I will never understand for the life of me.

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