1. At once, I’m angered, and wish to blame religion for this tragedy. But the step-dad is a terrible man, and would have inflicted harm and pain on this boy — and possibly killed him — for another reason another day, if he hadn’t been killed for not reading the bible.

    So then I’m just angry at the step dad for being a terrible human being.

    Then I return to being angry at religion for not making a greater effort — in all of the make-believe miracles and their obvious and often stupid rules — to protect and respect children.

    Religion gave teeth to this terrible wolf to prey on the innocence of this boy.

    So sad.

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    1. Any one who tells me this man is not quoting “Spare the rod…” to himself in order to justify his actions is a liar. Religion is so often the great enabler of evil.

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      1. “Enabler” is the word, DR. One can debate whether religion causes mental illness or if mental illness causes religion, but the results are the same. Sad story.

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  2. What “Mother” would stand by and watch ANYONE beat on her child? I think she is just as guilty as he is. That Little Angel never had a chance. Sad to say this is on the news just about everyday. Something I will never understand for the life of me.

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