• That’s footballer Iya? Traore. His website: http://www.iya.fr/en/iya_bio.php

    • I do not know where that question mark came from.

    • Merinda

      Thanks for the link, I was thinking it was in France, but I couldn’t tell. Still impressive.

      • Mike K

        Yup, that’s in front of Sacre-Court Basillica in Monmartre, Paris. I saw him when I was there in September.

      • Mike K

        * Sacre-Coeur Basilica – stupid auto-correct!

  • Michelle

    Very original! thank you for sharing this find.
    May I suggest this street performer, who plays music on a saw in New York, please?

  • gruggach

    That guy’s skill with a tennis puck is amazing!