Bank Robbery Suspect Boasts on YouTube Before Arrest


YORK, Neb. — A woman accused of a Waco, Neb., bank robbery apparently made a YouTube video bragging about it before her arrest.

Hannah Sabata, 19, of Stromsburg, Neb., was arrested Wednesday. She is accused of robbing the Cornerstone Bank branch in Waco on Nov. 27 after stealing a car in York. (Read more in the York News-Times.)

In the video, titled “Chick Bank Robber,” Sabata holds up handwritten signs, accompanied by subtitles, in which she says she’s having the “best day of her life” because she stole a Pontiac Grand Am and walked away with more than $6,000 when she robbed a bank. She also holds up car keys, saying, “My new car is shiny. Of course I took the plates off already.”

Then she slowly unveils a sign that says, “Then I robbed a bank with a gun, a pillow case and a note,” and holds up a bundle of cash. At one point, she fans herself with the cash.

  • McGee

    Seems like one of the more clear-cut cases of forced sterilization to me.

  • Incredulous

    Exhibit A for the prosecution.

  • niel

    I may get internet-ly bludgeoned for this.. but it seems to me like her behavior was some sort of cry for help. (I’m not justifying her actions) … here is her deviantART page:

    her “bio” is interesting, to say the least.

    • Piri

      As a full time artist I can say there’s nothing alarming about her deviantart profile other than that she thinks she’s so good she doesn’t need art classes. The stuff on there is common for teenage artists.

      • ryno68

        Apparantly she doesn’t need English classes either after reading her bio. She’s an artist, what does she need to learn techniques like spelling and punctuation for?

    • Piri

      (but yes, her bio is alarming)

    • Mike K

      Regardless, she needs either help or supervision. She definitely doesn’t sound responsible enough to care for a baby.

  • The article says she has a history of mental illness. Sad, actually.

    • McGee

      It’s no surprise that she has a history of mental illness. This whole scenario isn’t something a sane person does.

      It’s even sadder that she already has a kid, though. What kind of quality of life is that child going to have?

      • Porker

        A story of a girl that lost her child. What’s insane? It’s perfectly sane to feel down until she gets her child back again. Maybe this was a natural attempt to get her baby back. And I think she knows that it didn’t work that way. It’s just feelings.

      • J

        her devart bio claims that she is HIV positive, and the article claims the following:

        “Court documents state that Sabata has a history of mental health problems and refused to take prescribed medication during pregnacy to protect her baby’s health.”

        so i’m not particularly optimistic for the poor kid.

  • Cornjob

    You know who I feel sorry for? Green Day.

  • McGee

    Oh, she also apparently has HIV, had her baby taken away by the government, and so on and so forth.

    A real winner, in other words.

    • Cornjob

      Yeah, But she’ll probably win PowerBall before I do. Grrrrrr.

  • Curious

    Did you hear the one about the blonde girl who robbed a bank?