• Danno

    I understood everything except what consomme is.

    • Furnace

      I think it’s when you make a marriage or relationship complete by having sexual intercourse.

      • LL

        Maybe that’s why I want nothing to do with that soup.

  • outeast

    Some great tips there actually.
    Except for the doritos part, possibly.

  • Cornjob

    Right now, Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay are throwing mattresses around their bedrooms in shock and horror, shrieking like little school girls.

  • Carbs

    This is one of their most widely-known videos and one of the main reasons anyone who’s ever heard of Chow regards it as a nonsensefest full of sciolistic noise.

    • Carbs

      I should also remind everyone of that modernist-cooking Velveeta grilled cheese by that absurd man.

    • outeast

      sciolistic. nice, a new word! who said the net wasn’t edumacationalistic?

  • Beezy

    This includes my favorite activity with Doritos: Throwing them away.