• Erich Schrempp

    As long as you’re not the one in the elevator, this is hilarious. That “ghost” girl has a bloodcurdling scream.

  • McGee

    I feel bad for these people….and I laugh anyway. It really is an epic prank.

    I would be freaking terrified.

  • Kelly Jeanne

    Terrible. I would probably NEVER get in a elevator again. Even if I found out it was a joke. YUCK.

  • outeast

    (dons wise expression)

    We may pity the prank’s victims for their fear, but it is to be hoped that they will have learned a valuable lesson in scepticism. Maybe next time they experience something that seems to affirm a belief in the supernatural, they will look first to the more probable naturalistic explanations.

    (puts wise expression away)

    bwawawawawa! excellent!

  • Pinkerton

    How do you say “plausible deniability” in Portuguese in case of a heart attack?

  • Mike K

    If they did that in some take-no-crap city like New York, I wonder how long it would take for someone to draw first blood on that girl.
    “You screamin’ at me? You screamin’ at me? You must be screamin’ at me; there’s no one else here.”

  • Chip

    I saw this on another site and was thinking that liability laws in Brazil must be awfully relaxed, since in the U.S. there would be issues not only with the victims having a heart attack or PTSD, but they might also beat the crap out of the girl out of sheer terror.

    That being said, the “ghost” glances over at them a lot. It seems to me that it’d be scarier if she did nothing but stare straight ahead, seemingly unaware of their presence, until she turned and screamed.

    • Twintigress

      Chip, I think it would be even creepier (and probably safer) if she appeared, just stared, and disappeared again.
      Heh, someone else “in” on the prank could be in the elevator too, and claim not to see her at all. XD