1. I support Texas’ wish to secede. However, it should occur with conditions. If they secede, they must renounce any moneys from the U. S. Additionally, they must agree that, should it not work out, there is no “can we come back?” Secession must be a one-way street with no mulligans. In the alternative, if they vote to return, everyone must pay a tax surcharge equal to the amount of Federal taxes they would have paid during the period of their unexcused absence. The honor of Statehood must not be conferred upon the fickle or the self-important.

  2. Maybe we should turn it around and vote certain states “off the island” one at a time. Texas would be a good start. Or, Mississippi.

    1. And good luck maintaining a functional Houston Ship Channel without the Corps of Engineers to dredge and the Coast Guard to maintain the navigation aids and provide the vessel traffic management. And all the other government agencies that would leave like FAA (No airport radar, sorry), OHSA (sorry about that catalytic cracker explosion), NTHSA (sorry about those accidents thanks to cars that didn’t get recalled). And don’t forget to return all that military equipment provided by the USA, maybe there are a few GWB Air Guard F104s around you can use?

  3. Many moons ago Texas was a blue state. I hope the old saying, “The past repeats itself” comes true.

    I have never in my life been so embarrassed over the decisions and comments that alot of these so called Texas Politicians make.

    I hope Texas will start having politicians like Ann Richards or Barbara Jordan. They were the best that Texas EVER had in my generation.

    My Father’s side of the family has 6 generations that were born and raised in Texas. I’m sure they’d be disappointed of how much greed and no compassion this state carries.

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