• McGee

    Does that mean God’s the one who completely effed up then?

    • Bacopa

      Or that god knew the outcome and lied to Pat.

      • Jennifer

        I like to think he was Punk’d by God

  • ambisinister

    I think he is blaming God for mumbling, and was doing an impression of what it sounded like.

  • Incredulous

    You have “to practice the voice of god”?? That’s telling.

    • McGee

      You only have to practice it if you have a weak, wussy voice like Pat Robertson.

      Not everyone can have that deep, resonant baritone that I have.

  • DJ

    I wish I could have been in the live audience for this, so that I could then loudly ask him “Are you the Messiah or not?!”
    When he denies ever claiming to be the Messiah I could then wildly point at him and shout “He’s NOT the Messiah!” over and over.

    • damnedyankee

      “He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy!”

  • Erich Schrempp

    What I wouldn’t give to see Pat Robertson vaporized by a lightning bolt, followed by the thundering voice of God saying, “Didn’t see THAT one coming either, did you, you blathering douchebag? HA HAAAA! Man, I love this job!”

  • Mike K

    What a fool. Unless the voice sounded like Morgan Freeman, it wasn’t God. He should know these things.

  • klaatu

    I thought I heard God coming out of my radio once…turns out it was just Harry Shearer

  • WayBeyondRedemption

    Too bad the Circus is ‘out of town’…. Pat Robertson missed his calling as a clown…………..

  • WayBeyondRedemption

    Robertson has a deep need to see a Psychiatrist…..

  • ange

    so thats what poo looks like when it talks!

  • WayBeyondRedemption

    Do you think it’s possible, I’m just thinking…that many of a persons , perhaps most of their religious beliefs, and in this case, I’m talking about the religious beliefs of a, Mr. Pat Robertson…..are are based on ‘wish fulfillment’???