Venice Under Water

From The Atlantic:

Heavy rains and high tides have brought some of the worst flooding to Venice, Italy in years. The “acqua alta”, or high water, is common this time of year and Sunday’s level of 149 centimeters (4 ft, 10 in) was below the 160 centimeters (5 ft, 2 in) recorded four years ago in the worst flooding in decades. The bad weather and torrential rainfall will continue through Tuesday, forecasters said. Collected here are images from Venice as it endures this recent acqua alta.


  1. I’m surprised the power is on. Italy is 220 crackling volts of juice. Hope there aren’t any floor-level outlets. Seawater is a lot more conductive than fresh.

  2. Yikes! Just be sure to watch where you’re walking (wading?) in front of Piazza San Marco! *step/splash/glub glub*

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