1. Can anyone tell me what they put in at the 3:12 mark? I thought it was the plastic bag and figured the video was turning into an absurd joke, but I guess not.

  2. I wanted to cry when he busted the little candy strawberry that he spent HOURS making.

    I love to cook, but I guess I am too unrefined to really enjoy gastronomy. I appreciate it as an art, but just cant seem to wrap my head around eating powdered strawberry whipped cream and how it could be appealing to the palate…especially the texture…yuk

  3. That freeze-dried powder looks pretty atrocious, like it would just turn into a paste as soon as it hit my palate and would permanently get stuck there.
    I’m sure the raw strawberries are far better than the “candy” he’s created by simply attempting to use every trick in the book to impress his pastry-chef buddies.

    1. I thought the same about the powder. One can only hope that the process results in some special light crunchy texture.
      I thought the plastic bag was thrown in to recover juices and then filtered out in the next step. Any volunteers to watch again?
      The presentation did grab my attention for over 8 minutes (and there are others to watch!).

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