1. I was curious why this was being filmed, considering how many objects are moved by cranes all the time and aren’t dropping all over the place, so I did a search for crane accident statistics. Wouldn’t you know it?… there’s a whole website dedicated to it: http://www.craneaccidents.com/

    The site includes a link to their YouTube channel which is full of crane collapse footage. Why are people filming cranes? Is it for the same unknown reason that everyone in Russia has a dashboard cam?

    1. It’s not an unknown reason for dash cams. They’re necessary for proving your innocence when you’re involved in an accident.

  2. Do the payments include dry cleaning for the guy that was walking near it when it failed? “Bring me my brown pants!”

    1. Dockworkers are used to a little danger. The stories my dad told of his years on the job: people crushed under huge spools of paper, legs crushed under steel bars, skulls cracked by barrels falling in a badly loaded capsizing ship, a guy “drowned” in a silo of grain, etc, etc.

      1. Oh yeah, fucked up things happen when you move lots of heavy shit. My girlfriend’s father used to do such work, until a forklift gave out and the pallet landed on his foot. He claims his foot was actually flattened like a cartoon characters would be in a looney Toons clip. Scary shit.

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