• Furnace

    I was curious why this was being filmed, considering how many objects are moved by cranes all the time and aren’t dropping all over the place, so I did a search for crane accident statistics. Wouldn’t you know it?… there’s a whole website dedicated to it: http://www.craneaccidents.com/

    The site includes a link to their YouTube channel which is full of crane collapse footage. Why are people filming cranes? Is it for the same unknown reason that everyone in Russia has a dashboard cam?

    • DJRJ00

      It’s not an unknown reason for dash cams. They’re necessary for proving your innocence when you’re involved in an accident.

  • FlamingAtheist

    Do the payments include dry cleaning for the guy that was walking near it when it failed? “Bring me my brown pants!”

    • Tyr

      Dockworkers are used to a little danger. The stories my dad told of his years on the job: people crushed under huge spools of paper, legs crushed under steel bars, skulls cracked by barrels falling in a badly loaded capsizing ship, a guy “drowned” in a silo of grain, etc, etc.

      • Rounhouse

        Oh yeah, fucked up things happen when you move lots of heavy shit. My girlfriend’s father used to do such work, until a forklift gave out and the pallet landed on his foot. He claims his foot was actually flattened like a cartoon characters would be in a looney Toons clip. Scary shit.

  • Mike K

    In the slo-mo part you can see that the rear strap frayed and snapped (aforementioned root cause).

  • Swampper

    There, it’s down. Let’s go to lunch.

  • Mike K

    That delivery job is a train wreck.

  • Cornjob

    It sounds like a Hollywood sound effect when the thing finally crashes. Life imitating art?

  • Erich Schrempp

    Memo to Jeff Koons: Do not hire this company for your hanging locomotive piece. (See http://www.towleroad.com/2012/03/massive-jeff-koons-dangling-locomotive-sculpture-proposed-for-nycs-high-line-park.html

  • “Who pays this bill?”

    Probably insurance.

    “Why are people filming cranes?”

    Probably insurance.