1. I actually live in the Deep South (S. Georgia) and here NorthFace gear is for preppy sorority girls (to wear to class with their Ugg boots and nike running shorts or PJ pants when its 20 degrees outside).
    It is also a favorite of fratboys and wannabe richie rich ‘rednecks’ to wear with their SaltLife gear, Vineyard Vines polos,Costa DelMar sunglasses and Sperrys or Georgia Boots.

    Its very popular here so I dont think it would be ‘hipster approved’ in my neck of the woods.

  2. In Portland that’s how you spot the ‘Trustifarians’ downtown. Trust fund kids begging in their new North Face. Of course the down economy the last few years has reduced their number and increased the numbers of those that do need assistance.

  3. Damn, I’m gettin’ old. The only brands mentioned in this thread that I’ve even heard of are Salt Life and Ugg boots. The rest I don’t recognize at all. I’m just a jeans and t-shirt guy.

    1. So, in other words, a sensible person who doesn’t worry about meaningless crap like logos and advertising for mega-million companies.

      I still buy clothes for cheap at Goodwill (and they’re not even used – they’re usually brand-new excess from the Target down the road).

  4. There’s actually a really cool German movie titled The North Face in the English speaking markets. And it’s not just about mountain climbing, it’s also about how journalism worked in pre-war Nazi Germany.

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