1. Women’s sexuality? But – but – we’re supposed to be in control of it! And now you’re telling us that women are enjoying themselves when we’re not even around?? Nooo!

    I can’t fault an old man for not being aware of erotic fanfiction, but really, hasn’t he ever heard of romance novels? “Little housewifey types” have been enjoying dirty books for ages.

  2. I was kind of hoping old Pat would read an exerpt to, you know, help his Christian audience better understand what porn is. But, the clip was limited to watching him get his kinks by asking a woman about her taste in porn.

    I bet he is thoroughly investigating Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend. Christian research purposes, surely.

  3. There are only two reasons to turn on the 700 Club….. To get your blood boiling at the stupidity of Pat Robertson…. Or, for a good laugh to start your day off on…

  4. Pat Robertson’s dis-connect with reality has become a cruel joke…. His opinions are not to be tolerated. The word, shyster was created especially for him.

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