1. “You’re so much better than I was, in so many ways.” Touching. I wonder if he shed any tears when a CIA drone killed a 16-year-old American citizen on his watch without any shred of due process.

      1. Pump the brakes, Paulo. You’re getting indignant with someone who agrees with you. The killing of a citizen isn’t worse; it’s just bad for a different reason. It is a decision to ignore the constitution that this man (whose supporters like to note is a Constitutional scholar) swore to protect and defend. The civilian toll from drone strikes is horrific, to be sure. Combined with wholesale lawlessness it’s worse.

        This kind of theater is a great way to make people with a conscience forget about what their vote supports.

    1. I’m confused – his staff don’t deserve thanks for their hard work because a drone fucked up? Was he supposed to tell them ‘we’re done now, fuck off’?

      1. The point is that these “human” moments feed into a caluclated narrative that distracts constituents from the horrible things that the people running our country do.

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