• jon

    So if he loses…. prayer don’t work, god don’t exist?

  • Justin

    prayer (n.) – the act of whispering into nothingness
    -The Unabridged Dictionary of Batshit Insanity

  • Cornjob

    Meh. I’m praying for a gyro today, but that’s not going to happen either. 😉

    • MacCrocodile

      The Lord gives gyros to those who get gyros for themselves.

      • Maximvs

        And, after having gone out and bought your own Gyro, Quoth the Lord: ‘Look, see how i provideth for thee…”

    • A gyro is greek isn’t it? Did you try praying to Zeus?

  • jon

    and poof god disappears in a puff of logic…