1. Didn’t you see him hit on those white women while he was opening the door?

    Dangerous. Pretty soon the women will be doing marijuana drugs and dancing the jig.

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  2. This is excellent. If you’re intimidated by a black guy in a black jacket opening the door for people in a public place in broad daylight, then it’s just simply your prejudicial belief that he’s dangerous. The fox news bros are outing their own prejudice on highly rated tv. “People of a certain color shouldn’t wear certain combinations of clothes because… well because…. I don’t like it!”

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    1. Didn’t they already say that it’s reasonable to shoot a black guy for wearing a hoodie?

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  3. To be fair to FOX News, the scary black man opening doors for people is very dark skinned, which, you know, makes him even scarier.

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    1. True! Ever noticed how much of the anti-Obama propaganda shows his skin color as much darker than it actually is? Beige just isn’t scary enough, apparently.

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  4. Lol “He appears to be standing at parade rest”. Turns out the military has been doing it wrong this whole time, with their hands behind their backs and their elbows out.

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