1. Why is this video not everywhere? He seems like a total flip flopping idiot here.

    And he is a complete idiot here. Seriously? You believe Jeebus will come back and state the law from Israel and Missouri? You crazy, Mitt Romney.

    Send this to every conservative Christian you know. Show then how different and other he is. Suppress the vote.

  2. wow. A few things:

    1) Even in a religious context, can anyone really get away with saying “kill all the jews”?
    2) It seems that growing up promoting a minority batshit insane religion has left mitt a tad defensive.
    3) What a level-headed interviewer. And what a fucking overreaction to him.
    4) I think this is all just a ploy to lock Missouri in the “safe romney” column. “Under a romney presidency, I will literally bring you christ himself, Missouri!” He should have tried this in Ohio.
    5) Yes, I agree, this tantrum and the long discussions about religion it would ignite should be everywhere.

  3. Why the fuck are conservative Christians endorsing Romney. I have seen conservative Christian protesters at Mormon chapels and the local Temple holding signs that say “CULT”.

    Tell every Christian you know how thoroughly Mormon and different Romney is. I aint got a dog in this fight as I am an atheist. But we have to keep Christian conservatives from voting.

    Seriously, how can they favor Romney over a liberal Baptist like Obama? and don’t give me that “God damn America” BS from Rev Wright. The Rev was comparing contemporary America where Israel had its blessings revoked because it didn’t follow God’s command to help the poor find ways to prosper. This is no more offensive than when Falwell and Robertson said we had 9/11 coming to us. In fact, it’s less offensive because Wright never said God was actually cursing us.

  4. Just in case there’s anybody who hasn’t yet seen this.

    It might not be a shock to many, but since I had always thought Mormonism was just another Christian sub-sect like Catholicism, Protestantism or whatever else, this video almost appeared to be an April Fool’s joke to me until the ex-Mormon friend of mine who sent it to me said it was absolutely typical of her experiences in California. I am genuinely astonished at the cult-like setup of this belief system.

    Just bananas.

  5. This tape really should get wider dispersal. I’ve found it odd that Romney refers to himself as being a “pastor” and “going to church” — when that’s not the Mormon lingo at all. They go to temple, and serve as bishops or presidents (men only). Romney’s been trying to play the Mormon church as being the same as mainstream Christianity, and this tape goes a long way in showing that Mormonism is NOT mainstream Christianity

    And seriously, Missouri? WTF?

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