Donald Trump Announces He Will Not Be Giving Money To Charity

And it’s all Obama’s fault!

Donald Trump said Thursday was a “very, very sad day” after President Barack Obama did not meet his noon deadline to release his college and passport application records in exchange for $5 million to a charity of the president’s choosing.

“All the president had to do is give simple documentation, simple paper, a few pages and a charity would have gotten $5 million, or substantially more,” Trump said in a video posted on his Facebook page. “Whether it was Wounded Warriors, whether it was the American Cancer Society, whether it was even the relatives of the victims of Beghazi, which I think would be an appropriate situation, the president decided that he wouldn’t be doing it.”


  1. I will personally donate $50 to the nearest homeless shelter if Donald Trump releases his American Express card information to me. And I’ll double that amount if he eats a Toyota Prius and jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Ball’s in your court, Mr. Trump.

  2. No, you enormous twat, it is YOUR decision to not give $5 million of your “hard-earned” money to a charity regardless of Obama pandering to your delusions.

    But then, donating the money would indicate that you are the bigger man, so we already expected this.

    1. Hard earned? Have you not heard Trump joking about how many times he has filed bankruptcy to avoid his debts yet he hets to keep his fortune? I call that “hardly” earned!

  3. “Someday, those papers will come out and people will say, ‘You know what? Donald Trump was right.’

    He and Chief Editor Korir will be vindicated by HISTORY ITSELF!

    It’s gonna be big, big news on all the major networks!

  4. Lucas donates 4 billion for education. Trump withdrawals 5 million in a very sad and pitiful attempt for attention. What a difference.

  5. Seems to me he could have easily set it up so that the money would go to the charity of Obama’s choice if he produced, or it could have gone to the charity of Trump’s choice otherwise. On the other hand something tells me that’s exactly what happened anyway, Trump being his own favorite charity and all.

  6. Trump just _has_ to be a figurehead for someone who’s actually making his money. Money just can’t coalesce around stupidity of this magnitude.

  7. Did anybody sit Trump down and say “Um, The Donald, I know you want to go on with this stunt but it’s probably not the best timing to say you won’t be giving money to charity after your home city just got clobbered by a natural disaster and relief organizations could kinda use some help.”

  8. What a Plutocratic cockbag. He’s the kind of guy that would find a homeless person and say, “I’ll give you money, but first you have to do a silly dance for my amusement. Because I am wealthy and therefore able to exploit my control of the situation.”

    Kind of like Robert Redford in “Indecent Proposal.”

  9. Maybe try donating to a cause BECAUSE the president didn’t reveal his birther certificate. 5 mil goes a long way in saying you are full of shit, but we all know where Trump’s loyalty lies.

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