Donald Trump Announces He Will Not Be Giving Money To Charity

And it’s all Obama’s fault!

Donald Trump said Thursday was a “very, very sad day” after President Barack Obama did not meet his noon deadline to release his college and passport application records in exchange for $5 million to a charity of the president’s choosing.

“All the president had to do is give simple documentation, simple paper, a few pages and a charity would have gotten $5 million, or substantially more,” Trump said in a video posted on his Facebook page. “Whether it was Wounded Warriors, whether it was the American Cancer Society, whether it was even the relatives of the victims of Beghazi, which I think would be an appropriate situation, the president decided that he wouldn’t be doing it.”

George Lucas To Donate Most Of His $4 Billion To Education Charity

Fuck you George Lucas!! Oh, wait. My bad. This is actually a good thing. Sorry, reflex.

The biggest news to come out of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion isn’t the size of the deal, the number of Star Wars films that will come out in the next few years, or that Episode VII could be an original story. No, the biggest news to come out of this acquisition is how George Lucas will use his $4 billion.

A spokesman for Lucasfilm shares that Lucas plans to “donate the majority of the proceeds to his philanthropic endeavors.”

Lucas is currently the chairman of Edutopia, which is part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. It’s very likely that his educational foundation will receive the bulk of the donation while other portions, if any, are spread out to various charities. It is also possible that Lucas could start up a new educational foundation to further his philanthropic cause. It should be noted that in 2010, Lucas made a commitment to using his wealth to improving education. Today is the day that the filmmaker stays true to his word.

Bloomberg Backs Obama, Citing Fallout From Storm

From The NY Times:

In a surprise announcement, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said Thursday that Hurricane Sandy had reshaped his thinking about the presidential campaign and that as a result, he was endorsing President Obama.

Mr. Bloomberg, a political independent in his third term leading New York City, has been sharply critical of Mr. Obama, a Democrat, and Mitt Romney, the president’s Republican rival, saying that both men had failed to candidly confront the problems afflicting the nation. But he said he had decided over the past several days that Mr. Obama was the better candidate to tackle the global climate change that he believes might have contributed to the violent storm, which took the lives of at least 38 New Yorkers and caused billions of dollars in damage.

“The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to New York City and much of the Northeast — in lost lives, lost homes and lost business — brought the stakes of next Tuesday’s presidential election into sharp relief,” Mr. Bloomberg wrote in an editorial for Bloomberg View.